Harrison Circle

Harrison Circle is a 7 story mixed-use building that was designed to  house a health care facility, commercial component, indoor parking and residential units. A total of 130,000 sq ft. of space was designed. Its size and complexity required the design of a special steel structure that featured metal decking and concrete composite slabs for the commercial floors and precast plank floors for the residential part.  The project presented unique challenges: Irregular geometry- round walls, sharp angles substantial differences in grade elevations between the corners of the building. Large spans between columns and large area load using BIM helped in overcoming these challenges and in creating an innovative solution that is cost efficient. We were able to tailor different structural systems to the different components of the building, in accordance with their use. The ability to visualize all the structure reduced the coordination time between the trades significantly, increased other team members’ knowledge and understanding of the complicated structure and was crucial in timely conflict resolution.