1501 Pitkin

1501 Pitkin Avenue

Historical restorations
This 6 story mixed-use building is located at 1501 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn. The historic Loew’s Pitkin Theater out in Brownsville has been closed for 40 years. The current design features an adaptive re-use project that will turn the 1929 building into a state-of-the-art K-8 charter school and retail space, all while retaining the historical character of the building. The building includes 6 levels of classrooms and 2 levels of retail. The school portion is framed using structural steel and plank floors. The commercial component is framed using structural steel and metal decking. Steel transfer girders were used at the second floor to support the change in layout from the school to the retail component. A high ceiling gymnasium is located on the top floor. A large effort was exercised during the design of the demolition. A phased demolition program was designed in order to retain the existing walls. The theatre’s long span trusses needed to be replaced with new structural steel; however, they also provided wall bracing in order to preserve the walls. Partial demolition and reconstruction was required. Also, several added braces were installed to fit field conditions. All new columns required new foundations, with extensive underpinning and strapping. Wexler Associates services for The Pitkin Avenue School include the following:
  • Structural Design of the new building
  • Preparation of demolition package, including temporary bracing design.
  • Support of Excavation Design and Shop Drawings
  • Steel Modeling and preparation of shop drawings.