Williamsburg Terrace

This Project consists of a cast-in-place mixed-use structure and is located at the most desirable area of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The project includes retail at ground level and parking below grade. The building footprint spans over almost a full city block.

There are multiple parts to this project; the residential part consists of a townhouse component, condominium component, and a rental component. All of these components are positioned over a retail and parking podium. A 30 ft. deep excavation was required for the installation of the parking section. Because of the high water table, a mat foundation was found suitable. Extensive shoring, bracing, underpinning, dewatering, and other excavation design systems were provided in-house.

Wexler Associates services for Williamsburg Terrace include the following: 

•Structural Design
•Support of Excavation Design
•Concrete Reinforcement Controlled Inspections