The W2 River Lofts

At the W2 River Lofts, two separate and distinct building structures frame a new habitat: one new and one existing. The new building offered unlimited design possibilities. The existing, a NYC landmarked structure, had to be restored. Interconnected below ground, the two buildings share parking but little else. The existing building is approximately 80’x80’ in plan and 6 stories high. It was built at the beginning of the century as a light manufacturing facility. Wood joints supported on heavy timber girders with cast iron columns frame the inside; brick bearing walls with brick arches and stone lintels frame the outside. This building was gutted. Most of the inside bearing walls, all the existing columns and girders and the southern and western exterior walls- were removed. The landmarked eastern and northern walls were kept and restored. New floors on steel columns and girders were envisioned. Additionally, a 2 story roof top extension was permitted by zoning.