The Pinnacle

The Pinnacle is a 21-story (132 condominium units) mixed use building that has two copper spires which contribute to the project name Pinnacle. The building stands tall with a broad base sitting on a 7000-square foot lot in downtown White Plains, NY. The core building was designed with a combination of concrete post-tension floor slabs and cast-in-place reinforced moment resisting shear walls. The smaller side building was designed with a post-tension transfer slab and with light gauge bearing walls and plank floors. The lateral system selected for the tall building is innovative. The key to a successful lateral system is the geometry. The placement of perforated shear walls spread equally around the building, incorporating architectural design features, proved to be the best way to achieve structural stability. Modifying the concrete strength vertically up the height of the building, allowed further deflection control and fine-tuning. The final result is a single frame that behaves like a combined shear wall, moment frame and tube, all in one. This design proves that fine tuning the geometry, rather then adding materials- is key to structural cost saving