State Renaissance Court

This 8 story mixed use apartment building occupies a site which extends 447 feet along Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn, New York. Typically, structures extended over the subway tunnels are framed with cantilevers. The project had various earlier design cycles, in which engineers attempted, with little success, to develop a cost effective structural design which could also be approved by Transit Authority Engineers (TA).   Supported directly on top of the roof of an existing subway tunnel, the 1st floor was designed asa floating platform, much like a tabletop, that rests on a complex network of isolators.

Not fully decoupled from seismic ground motions, the structure was anchored into a Reaction Block, requiring special torsion and deflection calculations, which included Modal Analysis and Soil Structure interaction.  The State Renaissance project represents a new and innovative building in New York City.  This project was the winner of the 2008 Outstanding Project Award- 1st Place- from the National Council of Structural Engineering Associations.