Purves Street Tower

This mixed-use project is located in Long Island City on a former manufacturing district, just two stops away Grand Central Station by subway. The overall composition consists of two 26 and 30 story towers.

Although the project takes place in two separated lots, the design was conceived as a whole, with the possibility of connecting both structures in the future. Each tower is comprised of a base and two stacked masses on top that shift in two directions generating both a public terrace at the front and a cantilever at the rear

The upper component cantilevers 15 feet at the back and 10 feet at the side, leaving approximately one third of each building floating on air.

 The structural design includes steel frames with concrete floors. Special concrete-encased steel columns were designed to provide additional strength to the base. Braces and trusses were used as part of the lateral system. Wind studies were performed in a special laboratory.

BIM was used through the entire design process. The increased visibility made it very easy for the other team members and the contractors to understand the complicated structure and its constraints.