Graceline Court

Graceline Court is a 17 story residential Harlem development and is located adjacent to a landmark building – the Malcom Shabazz Mosque. It consists of a steel and composite metal deck structure supported by a pile foundation.

The particularity of this structure resides in the fact that, as can be observed in the renderings, starting on the 6th floor, the building is cantilevered over the mosque (more than one third of each floor area will be over the adjacent building). This was realized by using three two-story high unique steel trusses designed to support the load of the cantilevered part of the building and transmit it to the foundation. Extensive 3D analysis of the building behavior under wind and seismic loads was performed; special connections and steel shapes for the trusses were developed. The building is located in close proximity to NYC subway tunnels and required the NYC Transit approvals. A BIM model was used for the design, detailing and fabrication of the building. The project was completed on time and was within budget.

Wexler Associates services included the following:

  • Design of the new building.
  • Obtaining needed approvals from the New York City Transit Authority. 
  • 3D Modeling, 3D Detailing and preparation of Shop Drawings for Steel Fabrication.