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February 2017

THE INTERSECTION BLOG provides relevant, informative engineering articles by engineers who design structural systems with reliable, objective, and technologically current information. The goal is to share approaches, methods and assumptions in creating effective and sustainable solutions in order to decrease the GAP between engineers and professionals in the field.

Staggered Truss System
You may be asking yourself what is a Staggered Truss System? We at Wexler are the leading experts and have over 30 years of experience designing Staggered Truss systems. 

Here are three reasons why to consider Staggered Truss for your next project.

  1. Very efficient on steel weight
  2. Design Large Open Spaces with limited to no interior columns.
  3. Highly efficient for resistance to the   lateral loading caused by wind and earthquake
Want to know more? Click the link below and read our article featured in Modern Steel Magazine!
2017 NASCC Speakers
Follow our structural engineers as they present “Can Staggered Trusses Be Used in Seismic Zones?” at this years AISC
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