Waterfront Commons

Waterfront Commons is a one million square foot retail facility in Staten Island that is situated at the Outerbridge Crossing, NY. ­The design includes in addition to retail full-site below grade parking, an 18 movie-complex, a plaza, loading docks, fire lanes, pedestrian bridges and walkways, a green roof and water detention. Outdoor attractions were also designed including a 1,800 Linear Foot public waterfront promenade and a large waterfront courtyard perfect for concerts, community events, a children’s playground and a carousel.

The site will include a newly developed shoreline with planned state-of-the-art dock for water taxis and ferry services.

­The building includes 2 expansion joints and is supported on a pile foundation. Each level is designed with a different column grid using multiple transfer girders.

Using BIM, the architectural information was automatically transferred into the structural model; the structure was designed and then optimized with automated quantity takeoffs. Building department drawings were completed in 3 weeks. Dozens of drawings with thousands of structural members were updated in minutes. Needless to say, with BIM, there was no need to worry about wrong sized due to data entry errors.Traditionally, on such a large scale project, few weeks are needed in order to input the information and created preliminary structural drawings. After the design is complete, few additional weeks are needed in order to update member sizes.

The project is currently being bid.  The project is targeted to open in 2010 and will be the first Outlet and Lifestyle Center in Staten Island.