122 West Street

Near the Greenpoint waterfront, developer Isaac Katan is in the process of converting the five-story Eberhard Faber factory to residential use, adding to it a sixth floor in the process and combining it with additional two new six-story buildings next door. The warehouse portion will have 40 apartments while the new buildings will have another 28 each.

A BIM model was created for the project. Furthermore, to ease the coordination, the existing conditions were included in the BIM model. That helped us in identifying conflicts, creating a structural stability plan and drawings and in the design of underpinning.

The new building structures consist of steel framing with metal decking and concrete floors. BIM played a big role in placing new steel columns on top of existing wood structure. The ability to visualize the construction process and required sequence of actions eliminated many RFIs and mistakes in the field and improved the performance of the contractors. Coordination time was dramatically reduced and the project is currently being built within budget.

Wexler Associates services for the 122 West Street Project included the following:

  • Structural Design of the new and existing buildings.
  • 3D Modeling, 3D Detailing and preparation of Shop Drawings for Steel Fabrication
  • Preparation of structural stability and demolition plans including repairs to the existing building.
  • Underpinning Design and Shop Drawings